Grape Hyacinth

GrapeHyacinthTiny, bell-shaped, frilly edged clusters of Grape Hyacinth blooms are starting to fill my containers now. I pair them with daffodils for pretty late winter color. I dug the bulbs from under the Crabapple tree just after moving here and put them into containers. The ground under the tree wasn’t ideal. They seem much happier in the containers and have bloomed profusely for years.


This photo was taken before the hyacinths bloomed, but you can see their trailing, green, skinny leaves hanging over the sides of the container. Also in this container, are a variety of miniature Daffodil and fantastically fragrant Freesia-which will bloom this summer. My sweet mother-in-law gave me the container when we moved in and I am so happy it’s finally filled with greenery and blooms.