“A View of the Woods”

Below is the link to an academic research essay I wrote focusing on Georgia author, Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “A View of the Woods.”  An interesting aspect of this project was the research I conducted to tie my opinion of O’Connor’s short story to a larger ecological criticism. I titled it

augusta canal  “Natural Innocence

I often begin with my own argument and thoughts on the piece, and then I start researching. I attempt to find both scholars who agree and disagree with my argument. I equate childlike innocence with a love for the natural, and experience with the machinations of progress.

Through the process of this project, I learned I was skilled at talking about nature, and tying ecological concerns to my study of literature. The process of writing this paper was exciting and difficult. I found the drafting process as the paper progressed so valuable. I realized I had something important to say about this topic. I was less confident in my abilities as a writer when this was written. I can see now that I discovered the kind of writing I want to do. I see now that the projects I feel most passionate about always involve nature.

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