Rockdale River Trail

Panola Mountain State Park. Rockdale River Trail

July 4th, 2015


River Trail is a very deceptive description for the portion of the trail we rode. It is more like mountain trail the direction we traveled. They are several different ways to go from where we picked the trail up inside Panola Mtn. State Park. There were many families and people on the path this day, but it was still very natural and serene. There are lots of pine trees and rocks and not many open vistas, so the photos are limited.

Panolamtn1blogThe ride up the mountain works me out, and I am glad to be in decent biking shape. I plan to return and go the other direction- which heads towards Conyers and the Monastery of the Holy Spirit. I want to explore the gardens there soon!


This old house along the path stands out because it is one of the few signs of civilization along the 5-6 miles of path we travel. It also appears to be abandoned, but I am most interested in the tree blooming in the freshly cut yard. Not sure what it is because I am far away on the path, but the white pops of the flowers are striking.


This is a challenging, fun, and interesting ride. The path is very well maintained. It was quite cool and shady, even for the 4th of July. I would not recommend this path for beginners as it was quite challenging, but there are other branches of the Rockdale River Trail system that may be easier.

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