Dillard’s Pilgrim

The link below is to an essay I wrote inspired once again by my time in the mountains of Western North Carolina. This is an academic research paper that I wrote because of my memories of the cloud shadows, as they moved across the faces of the mountains. Annie Dillard discusses similar shadow movements, and I felt an immediate connection.

Shadow Mountains

View from near Clingman's Dome in TN from September 2016
I took this photo in September on way to Pigeon Forge, TN, before the wildfires happened.

The paper was very specific and narrow in its focus, as my first paper for this class was way too broad and general. The professor suggested I focus more narrowly, and I learned how to do very close readings and in depth analysis. I surprised myself with this one, but again the connection to nature, and the Appalachian mountains in particular, are here and made this one of my favorite essays because I was able to dig deep and make connections in this essay that I never had before.

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