Folk Literacy

When I finished my Folk Literacy writing portfolio for my English 4830W “Writing About Writing” course in December of 2014, I included three pieces. The first is an autoethnography- an interesting new genre of writing for me. That first piece was titled “Literacy, Geography, and Me.” The second piece is a discourse community project that I titled “Preserving Practices.”

I go into detail in the Introductory Essay which accompanies this portfolio about each of these two papers, and how they eventually combined and morphed into my final research project.

“Folk Literacy and Me” is the completed paper.

I have also included here a research paper I wrote the first semester I went back to UGA titled “A Bleak Christmas.” I improved my writing tremendously since then, but it deals with Charles Dickens thoughts on the importance of traditional literacy skills, like reading and writing. This essay discusses A Christmas Carol and Bleak House, (2 of my favorite Dickens novels).

weeping willow from Gibbs Gardens March 2016

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