Veggies Fall 2021

I may have gone over the garden cart. Kind of like overboard (cartwise not shipwise), and over the top. I bought an additional greenhouse and started 25 trays of seeds this year! I love seeds, and my favorite place to order heirloom seeds is

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Almost all the plants I grew this year I grew from seed, and many of my seeds were purchased from Baker Creek.

I planted Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbages, Collards, Celery & Brussels Sprouts from seed in Espoma seed starting mix, and then transplanted them into my homemade compost & soil mix, with Espoma Plant Tone mixed in. I have nine beds total, and filled three of them with these plants spacing them 12-16 inches apart. I also add a couple trowel scoops of the compost/manure mix into the holes when I plant.

It rained torrentially for about two weeks in September. Everything I had already planted was pulverized from days and days of heavy rain, but luckily I had started lots of plants from seed & so I had extras to fill in. By then, it was a tad late for fall planting (first week of October). Update post soon with new photos of the plants. Organic is slower, better, & tastier too! Harvesting Collards today!