Mother of Pearl Plant or Ghost Plant


Mother of Pearl plant, Ghost plant, Georgia, Zone 7b
Ghost plant or Mother of Pearl Plant

My husband brought home cuttings of a mystery plant 5 years ago from a friend’s porch. I had trouble identifying it at first. I found a similar plant called Jewel Leaf Plant in a random indoor gardening book I had from my bookstore employee days. It listed the scientific name Graptopetalum Amethystinum. I think this one is Graptopetalum Paraguayense. I have heard it called many things, but most commonly the scientific name GraptopetalumMother-of-Pearl Plant and Ghost Plant.

Those few have grown, and I have transplanted cuttings from this mother plant for my friend. I cut the longest pieces with scissors, put them in this cup of water for a few months-adding more water as necessary, and planted them in the new pot after they grew roots.

JLPTransplantAn amazingly hardy plant, roots will even sprout from fallen petals. A member of the Jade family, the petals are soft, but don’t like to be rubbed too hard. Pale green will turn to dusty purple coloring this summer. It lives on the shady back deck until temps. drop below freezing, then moves to a south facing window inside. I think it needs more sun this season, as it’s never bloomed. I hope to see flowers this year.




My friend is coming to visit this weekend. I have been promising to transplant cuttings for her for years. Mission finally accomplished.

I hope it will do as well on her front porch in Raleigh.