5 Best Veggies for Raised Beds and Hot, Humid Summers

The growing season here in Georgia is super long for summer veggies. April through November yields lots of produce. Post is work in progress. Publishing now, will edit to perfection soon!

#1. Tomato- top two varieties

Best Cherry Tomato Award goes to

Husky Cherry Red Tomato

link to charts for other growing seasons and lists of resources.

Best sandwich slicing Tomato award goes to

Parks Whopper Improved Tomato

Talk about the yields and growth of these plants Indeterminate keeps yielding til frost!

#2 . Peppers Please!

Chili Pie Pepper

Chili Pie Pepper link to AAS


#3. Herbs

My two favorite herbs, 1 perennial and 1 annual-



Perennial Oregano is a fantastic drying herb, and gives lots of leaves for many years from one plant.

#4. Beautiful Beans -Two Varieties

Cherokee Wax-links to The South GA Seed Company

Pole Bean Kentucky Wonder

was my Dads favorite and also one of mine. Check out this UGA publication on best home garden green beans for Georgia.

#5. Crunchy Cucumbers

Arkansas Little Leaf

is a fantastic pickling cucumber. Vines are very productive with delicious firm cucumbers.

Green Light Cucumber

Quick Link to my Best Raised Bed Construction post & Also to Espoma Fertilizer -my favorite fertilizer.

I will finish and polish this post soon!

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