Ardisia Crenata Coral


I received a tiny plant for Valentine’s Day from my husband 10 years ago. It got bigger and I kept transplanting to larger containers. One year, I cut the tops off to prune. The next year tiny, pale, white flowers led to red berries!

Coralberry, Spiceberry, & Christmas Berry are common names for this evergreen from Asia whose roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Now my Coralberry is a 3 ft tall beauty.



I move her into the garage when temps. drop below freezing-which isn’t often this year. She likes shade and gets droopy leaves when needing water or getting too much direct sun.

Like my love for my husband, she has grown grander and more beautiful over time. He knows I like plants instead of cut flowers for gifts. The cut flowers are beautiful but fade quickly. He is so thoughtful to give me both often. This plant will continue to bring me joy for many years to come.

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  1. Do everything you can to prevent this plant from getting into the wild as it is considered an invasive plant in the U.S. and some other areas of the world. I have pulled over 5,000 individual plants at a state park I volunteer in.

    1. Thanks for the info on this plant. It’s in a container on my front porch, and I will make sure to clip the blooms so they don’t turn into berries. It was a gift so I will keep it, but not buy another. I wouldn’t want to displace native plants with an aggressive plant. Thanks for your comment.

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