Daffodils of Spring Past

Okay, so these daffodils bloomed in mid March. I took pics, but didn’t get a chance to post them until now. A lot has happened since then, most notably kidney stones! Which, btw are really terrible. Stay hydrated out there this summer!

IMG_0325I was sidelined for a bit, but am now back focused on my writing and gardening. Again, better late than never, so the next few posts will be catching up what has happened in my yard and garden the last couple months. There are several different varieties of daffodil represented here. There are so many different types, and I love them all.

I will also be posting the rest of my writing pieces here over the next few days, and completing my Folk Literacy portfolio. Check out my writing in my Environmental Writing portfolio on the header. It contains an interesting mix of a few of my pieces that are all related to nature or the environment, but differ in genre of writing.


Raleigh Transplants

Hi Peggy!

peggyplantThis plant is lovely. I haven’t figured out what it is yet, but will work on it. This pic is from last year at blooming time. The plants survived the winter, and are now prepping for this year’s blooms.  I also have at least twelve surviving iris plants my friend Peggy gave me from her garden in Raleigh. Can’t wait till they bloom!


Last semester & Looking forward

I was so busy finishing school at UGA the last months of 2014 that these garden pics were not posted. Better late than never, here is my raised garden bed in the full glory of mid September in Athens, GA. I posted last year in July my design and construction of the raised bed.



I grew three different varieties of tomatoes, bush green beans, multiple varieties of peppers, and some simple herbs. I dried oregano, catnip, rosemary, and lavender last summer. I used them often in cooking over the winter, especially the oregano.  I tied the herbs upside down inside of brown paper grocery bags with a few holes cut in the sides for air circulation. The bags keep the dust off the herbs while they are drying, and the flat bottoms sit nicely on a surface in a cool area.

Dried herbs can be very expensive to purchase at the grocery store. I really enjoy growing the plants from seed, and then harvesting them to dry. The plants lived through the winter in my raised bed, and I will harvest them again this year. I spent only a few dollars on all the seeds, and will have all the dried herbs I could want for years to come.

Sanford Stadium @ UGA last semester. The stadium is right down the hill from Park Hall where I spent most of my time, but I captured this view while walking up from the Tate Center parking lot.

Sanford Stadium

And, our cat Chloe just recently… helping with blogging work.


Yesterday, finally received my diploma from UGA!


I am currently transferring all of my writings to this blog. I previously created two writing portfolios for UGA. One is themed around my environmental writings in the fields of literary criticism, essays, blog posts, poetry, and literary travel adventures. The other portfolio is focused on my writing in the area of folk culture and literacy. I am updating daily my writing pieces, and their corresponding pages.